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Re: Critique needed...

Originally Posted by Margo Fullingim View Post
Jay -

According to your fitday logs I'm eating roughly the same amount as you are and more in some cases. If you don't mind me asking - are you hungry? What is your height & weight. It's sounding like lowering my intake and giving myself a couple weeks to adjust to it are the answer.

Thanks again,


I'm 55 yrs old, 5 9 1/2 and weigh about 170. I don't do near the Metcon you do, only train SS on M/W/F with some weird shi* on Saturday, Sunday-hot yoga. I also IF, by skipping breakfast. My weight moves down if I go below 1700, stable around 1800, add at 2K or more.

Hence with your higher activity level, I think 2K is good, but if you're still looking to drop a few, no choice then to cut cals.

My hunger pains are getting better as I come from the gym, shower off to work, pack lunch, drink some tea during the morning and try not to think about eating, but come 12, I am hungry.

Doubt if this helps, but post a pic on your refrig and if important enough, you'll get to where your going.

Good luck, feel free to PM anytime.

PS, cut the 1/2 Green bean crap out now, life is waayyyyyyyyyy to short.
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