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Re: Official WordPress users thread.

I've had some major frustration with WP recently, because I want to use sidebar widgets, but once you activate the widgets you switch from using the sidebar.php and sidebar2.php which are available in the WP-Admin --> Themes Editor, over to a widgets.php script which is located in wp-includes (only available on your server, through your ftp program).

The SearchForm is an example of something I REALLY want to re-style, but I don't know enough php, or how to get the CSS to manipulate my search form. Eg. I want to move the search bar to the right, move the search button to the right, center the whole thing in my sidebar, and add some text immediately above it.

(I'm also having wicked CSS problems on my site, but that's another barrel of fish...)

Has anyone had success re-designing their search bar? I HAVE finally found some php-call tags to place certain widgets in my sidebar outside of the dynamic-sidebar area, which wasn't easy. But I still can't style my search bar.

CSS: Somehow my stylesheet has disabled me from applying styles to certain posts; eg. I'll through UL - LI into a post, or even STRONG, and it doesn't work. In other posts, it works. Getting things aligned perfectly in my sidebars has been a mess... (Excuse me, I just haven't had anywhere else to vent on this stuff!)
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