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I have been following the Crossfit regime for 3 months now. Although I could list the progress I’m making in several areas it would make this post longer than it already is. I want to discuss something far more important than my achievements, namely children. It is hard for me to express the amount of satisfaction I have knowing that, through the utilization of Crossfit, I can provide my kids with a solid, effective and efficient exercise program that is interesting enough to keep them going for a long time. It makes me wonder just what kind of athletic accomplishments they will become capable of because they started at a young age and did not have to sift through the vast amounts of BS out there in the fitness and fighting worlds like I did (i.e. – from age 12 to 18, I studied karate thinking that I was learning how to fight when I would have been better off joining the high school wrestling team and learning Thai or western boxing).

I workout in my basement. My children (a 4 year old daughter and 18 month old son) are almost always with me. They seem to enjoy Crossfit-type exercises I have been doing for the past couple of months. My daughter routinely does unassisted head stands, deadlifts a dumbbell, asks me to lift her up the chinning bar for assisted pull-ups, wants to run for short periods of time on the treadmill, and is starting to get the hang of jumping rope. She is almost able to complete the first three exercise sets in the beginner parallette program (the holds) and will alternate with me when I do them (she performs the holds while I count for her and vice versa). My son, besides enjoying the treadmill and pull-ups, attempts to mimics his sister’s headstand and wants to wrestle with me constantly (he is very good at obtaining the side-mounted position on me).

I would like to thank Crossfit for helping me to stay physically active during my parenting years and for helping me provide a positive role model for my children in this area. I’m also interested in hearing accounts from other people who have had similar experiences with their children.

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