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Re: Starting tiny; does it still work?

Originally Posted by Brendan McNamar View Post
It can be done.

If you have a large well established Affiliate near by it will be harder.

You will most likely have to build your membership from people with no CrossFit experience. This solves the not having a big shinny box problem. Your members won't know what you don't have.

Be a great coach. Get people good results. Build a friendly supportive community.

Keep your day job.

Yes - this. We have a small box. We focus on the basics and in my area - there are quite a few establish boxes with big memberships and with regional and Games competitors. Our closest box is one half mile north. It's a great box and appeals to a different clientele.

We are under 2 years old and by month 6 - we were already meeting our overhead. BUT - my husband who runs the box - still is not taking a salary. We live off my income for now (I work in Corporate America - yuk!) and he is able to get some income from personal training fees.

We have one yoga class a week taught by a local instructor that focuses on YIN - which is more a mobility style movement that focuses on joints and range of motion. We offer two half hour mobility classes taught by our two newer L1 coaches who still do not coach a class yet on their own (they are experienced CFers - one was a personal trainer before - even though they have their L1 for a year -- they are just about ready to coach the smaller classes alone).

As Brendan stated - we tend to appeal to the person who was either afraid of CrossFit or newbies overall. They don't know what to expect from some of the more successful and slicker boxes (not a diss to those places - they are top notch affiliates for who we have a lot of respect for)...but we are pretty grassroots and have no bells and whistles. A clean facility that has a great community to it. We are not looking to make a name for ourselves by sending someone to the Games...would it be nice? Sure...but my husband's mantra is he wants to see ordinary people do extraordinary be stronger mentally and physically than they were yesterday.

We did not expect to make expenses in our first 6 months but we did expect a good 5 years before we were profitable.

I think it is doable as long as you have a passion for people, passion for the real CrossFit as it was intended.
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