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Back Tightness during WODs

So this is not necessarily an "injury" I've been dealing with or maybe I'm just not categorizing it as such. Over the past two months, I have been dealing with severe back "tightness" during certain Wod's. The two most recent which caused this to happen included deadlifts and kettle bell swings. It seems to occur more with low weight/high volume and moderate weight/moderate volume workouts.

The sensation is hard to describe but my lower back will get really tight to the point where I have to rest and or use a foam roller. The sensation will subside but once I resume the movement (deadlift, KB swing, etc.) it will come back. I would say this tightness sticks around for about 30 minutes post WOD and then will gradually subside.

It is sort of like a dull but intense ache. Almost like a muscle cramp but not as sharp or intense.

I don't want to cause an injury so I figured I would come here and see if anyone had some advice?
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