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Re: Did Rippetoe get CrossFit right?

Originally Posted by Steven Wingo View Post
He does not. He says CrossFit is random. Is CrossFit methodology random? Clearly not. He knows that.

He says CrossFit is not training. That is a ridiculous characterization. I've explained why already. Is it not training for a law enforcement officer, a fire fighter, or a soldier preparing for their jobs? Clearly it is--and damn good training.

What part of the CrossFit prescription is wrong?

The use of functional movements?

The use of constant variance in training?

The use of high intensity versus low or moderate?

That is CrossFit's prescription and methodology. Rippetoe does not disagree with it or offer an alternative. He instead makes up stuff--saying it is random--to criticize it in a national publication. That is dishonorable in my eyes.
You've clearly mis-understood his point. My guess is this is intentional on your part.
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