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Just about done with my onboarding My CF total?

Just at the end of my on boarding.
Some observations... IF you join an affiliate try to find one that does 1 on 1 on boarding.. their is no way I could have picked most of this up in a group.
Loosing up and flexibility is KEY... if your body doesn't move the lifts are never going to happen..

Since alot of WODs use body weight if your very overweight.. its really tough to get going.. but I believe as does my coach that once the weight comes off things will start to fall into place

Dont over think the movements..
Check out mobility WOD for lots of info.
Youtube is a great resource..

For those with experience.. i did my crossfit total today..
I am 6 foot (should be 195) but am 285 and without sugar coating it...FAT.
My CF total was 765.. i am a little bum ed should I be or it that a decent about? My overhead press was pathetic.. squat was over 300 DL over 300 I think.
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