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Re: New to the Forum? ***READ THIS FIRST***

Hello everyone, I'm a 37 year old, male, 240 lbs. newbie to CF. I've been dabbling with the WODs for about 2 months now. I'm a former competitive weightlifter, powerlifter, and strongman. But family and job demands have forced me to change my direction and goals with my training. I've come to the conclusion that having a 600lbs deadlift and not being to run and play with my kids without wanting to pass out is not cool. So I've decided the CF lifestyle will enhance my life both physically and mentally, while hopefully extending my life and enhancing my health. I want to lose 30 pounds (walk around at 200-210 lbs.), be able to enter a 5K at a moments notice, yet still be able to pull 500 any time I want.
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