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Jeremy Froley
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Sunday 060709

WU = samson stretch, leg kicks, dislocates

Five rounds for time of:
25 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
7 Muscle-ups

subs - yes..sort of. I did as many L-muscle-ups
as i could per round and then i took the
remaining amount and used the 3:1 ratio
to finish the round with L-pull-ups on the
rings and ring dips. Confusing, but you'll

rd.1 = 25 wall ball, 3 L-MU's + 12 ring L-pull-ups + 12 ring dips
rd. 2,3,4, = same as round 1
rd. 5 = 25 wall ball, 5 L-MU's + 6 ring L-pull-ups + 6 ring dips

Time = 35:37

This was a beast of a workout!!! The wall ball was easy...but, that's where easy ended! I decided to do as many MUs as i could each round and then finish with the 3:1 ration for ring pull-ups and ring dips. I know that 3 ring pull-ups and 3 ring dips are much harder than 1 MU, but when you're tired, they are more likely to happen.

The reason everything was done in "L" form is not because I enjoy it! It's because there is nothing over 8 feet high in my gym to hang rings from!! Therefore, all MUs and ring pull-ups have to be done from a seated L position just off of the floor. Definitely makes stuff a bit tougher!!

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