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Re: Shoulder injury from M.E. Oh squatting, mid back injury from cleans, and QL pain?

Ughh.. there's too much here.

For the strain you need to work yourself back up with high rep work. Reverse hypers are fine.

If you're still in the hurts phase somewhat you may need some specific work from strain protocol wfs


The problem with the pop is you don't know how or why it occurred. If it's a common occurence then it may indicate a probelm such as a bankart lesion in which case you may need surgery.

If it was just a fluke thing you need to let it heal and calm down inflammation, then ratchet up the rotator cuff strength and isolation work before continuing with heavy compound movements.


The scapular problem may contribute to your shoulder problem. I don't know.

Get yourself assessed and figure out what the problem is. I have ideas of what it is, but it's all guesswork.

I suggest you get yourself assessed for both of hte last two problems.
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