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Charles Krug
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Just the bullet:

I'm 42, 5'9", 235 (currently), too heavy with not enough interval strength.

I've lost 14lb since January 1 with diet, weight training, and intervals.

"Diet" means, meat, salad, and lo-GI fruits except for pre-post weight training.

"Weight Training" is (currently) high-rep full-body workouts with short rest periods 3x/week. Compound movements including Lunge, Push, Pull, Twist in every workout, and Deads and Squats alternating by workout.

"Intervals" are (currently) 1min on, 2min off for four rounds 4x/week.

I also do Karate 2x/week. We train fairly hard with lots of contact and throws to the floor.

I'm happy with my body comp progress, but my balance and interval endurance frankly SUCK.

I'd like to keep losing, improve my coordination, and improve my interval strength.

I am suitably equipped for slow lifts including pullups, running, and the sorts of floor gymnastics I'm ready to do. No handsprings, but rolls and stands certainly.

Nearest affiliate appears to be in Ann Arbor. Nice for a visit but impractical for every day.

Ideas welcome.

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