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Re: Programming Advice

Originally Posted by Robert Fabsik View Post
This looks like a reasonable program but based on your goals and your current weight/height I wonder if you would be better off focusing more on strength and limiting the metcon to 1-2 a week. You could either add another strength day, OR do two strength days, 1-2 metcons and then some type of light GPP work--walking, light sled work.

I like your program for someone who has exhausted a basic Linear Progression programs, is happy with/or close to their desired bodyweight and doesn't mind if the strength gains slow as long as they keep coming and wants to start upping their conditioning.

Strength can take a long time to build, conditioning can come a little quicker. For metcons if you have a higher strength base the metcon weights won't be the challening part, the pace you choose to do the metcon will be the challenge.
what he said. go to the 3 day gslp with 2 metcons a week and once you hit your end with linear, then switch it up
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