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Programming Advice

Iím 18 years old, 5í10Ē and weigh about 155#ís. Iíve been doing crossfit type workouts for about 2 months now, and I love it. Last April, I bought SS and began a SS program when I weighed about 140, and I gained some strength and put some weight on. Unfortunately, I had a bad ankle sprain from playing soccer and got sick about 3 weeks into the program. I couldnít bear any weight on my ankle for about 10 days, and was sick for another week. I lost almost all the strength I had gained and the weight I had put on. Long story short, after some research and reading on this forum and other places, I set up a new program that I started about a week ago. It would appreciate it if yíall would take a look and let me know what you think.

FYI: My olympic lifts form is pretty good. Iíve done a lot of practice over the last two months based off the reading and exercise demos on the main website and from SS. Also the Metcons are done at a crossfit class at my local Y. The instructor is great and has also helped with my oly lift form.

Goals (in order of importance to me)
1. Increase overall fitness
2. Gain Strength
3. Put on weight

Sunday and Thursday: GSLP and Mobility/ Skill Work
Back Squat: 2x5; 1x5+
Press: 2x5; 1x5+ / Bench Press 2x5; 1x5+ (Alternating)
Deadlift/ Snatch / Power Clean (Chosen on the day based on if lifts were used recently in a metcon)
Mobility/ Skill Work

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Metcons

Tuesday, Saturday: Rest Days

Nutrition: Iíve realized I need to increase my caloric intake. I am up to about 4000-4500 calories per day. Iím also drinking about ĺ a gallon of 2% milk a day. I havenít gone completely paleo, but I am definitely conscience of it. I have cut down on grains in my diet except for mainly oatmeal that I put in shakes with milk, bread on meat sandwiches, and peanut butter (to help with the weight).

Thanks in advance for the help. Please just let me know if this is a good program based on my goals and if there are any ways to tweak it or change it, especially if you see any red flags. Any help on nutrition would be great too.
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