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I hate 800 repeats. At that distance you really have to go hard the entire time and there isn't much pacing involved. with a 400 you can be done in a bit over a minute and it takes about 15 or 20 seconds for the pain to really begin setting in. With an 800 the pain starts in that same 15 or 20 seconds but it stays with you for soooo much longer.

Your fitness loss is, not surprisingly, in the 800 meter zone where your blood is loading up with lactate and the gorilla with the piano is on your back. The good news is that I'll bet it comes back pretty quickly and that when it does, you will go past your previous bests. Some of my very best performances were after forced layoffs from sickness or injury.

In exactly the same way that you will develop certain of the 10 fitness attributes more quickly than others, you will also lose them at differing rates. You are not a freak and not deserving of a some goverment program. Now as soon as you can get over the bedwetting a fear of dust bunnies you can get back to training and tear up the girls.
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