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David Wood
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I've had a very miserable last month or so, fitness-wise (well, on other fronts, too).

The net result of being sick and having *way* too much work and too little sleep is that I didn't train for pretty much the whole month of May . . . got about 2 workouts in 30 days, and neither of those were WODs (although they did involve repeat 400s at the track, so they weren't totally useless . . . but 2 workouts don't go very far).

I've started back this week, doing WOD's at about half-speed (i.e., 90% effort is producing significantly reduced performance). I presume it'll come back in time.

What I'm finding interesting is seeing that my "losses" are *not* uniform across the spectrum of fitness. I seem to have lost the most in two "categories" of fitness:

- "anaerobic capacity" . . . the ability to go hard in that 60 seconds - 120 seconds range. My row times for 500 meters are way off. My "Tabata Something Else" score was about 70% of a previous best. (I didn't even attempt Diane this week; putting thrusters overhead had Pukie on me on the first round.)

-- localized muscular endurance (not sure if I have the right concept here). My pullups and pushups are WAY off. I've never been "good" at pullups (all-time best: 16; just before the layoff: 14), but now I'm at about 6. Pushups similar (proportional falloff).

Other categories are not terribly degraded:

-- aerobic endurance: my 5K time (which was lousy to begin with) isn't any more lousy

-- very short term / glycotic pathway: on the WOD with 1-1-1-1 etc. of power cleans this week, I pulled a PR. Go figure.

Does any of this match other people's experience, and/or should have been expected based on known patterns of detraining?

Thanks in advance,
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