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Re: Arden Cogar on TV?

here's a video of my father competing against the #1 guy in the world, at the time, Jim Alexander, during 1979 at the Webster County Woodchopping Festival. Jim went about 6'4" about 325. My father was 5'7" about 200.

Here's video of me competing against the current #1 person in my sport, David Bolstad, during the 2007 Stihl Timersports Series at Decatur, Alabama. David goes a good 6'5" about 270. I'm 5'11" a biscuit short of 260, but I was probably a biscuit over 265 at the time of this clip

Thanks again for remembering. I hope to pass the sport on to my daughters someday. My 10 year old competed at her first event last summer. She plans on doing more this summer. Maybe her 7 year old sister will join her.

All the best,
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