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Re: Arden Cogar on TV?

Originally Posted by Arden Cogar Jr. View Post
It's called the springboard. And thanks so much for your kind comments.

The great thing about lumberjack sports is that it's for all ages and all those of interest. My 73 year old father still competes very well. We have different divisions of competition and some events are handicapped (with the better competitors giving less experienced competitors up to 30 to 40 second head starts). Some of the best in the sport didn't start until they were in the late 30s early 40s.

The only prohibition is the cost of equipment and obviously the cost of travel to events. Axes cost $400 and crosscut saws cost over $1200. You can get training gear much cheaper than that, but, to compete, you need top notch equipment and have some ability to work on it and repair it if the need arises. I'm rather lucky in that I grew up with the sport and my father already had most of the equipment and stands to train on. I've since replaced almost all the axes and saws, etc. But I have issues with lumberjack equipment similar to the issues I have with the equipment for my home gym. In less words, you can never have enough....right?

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Interesting, I am definitely in need of a sport, but I'm not sure how much the neighbors would like me practicing .
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