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Re: MK's progress tracker

I haven't been posting here since I started at FlexGym. I'd like to start again so I can keep track of what I am doing.

Hannah and I started our competition yesterday. She is losing weight and I am supposed to gain 10# of muscle. Kevin turned me onto this deal where you drink a gallon of milk a day and also do Super Squats (1 set of 20 -can't put the bar down once you start- and increase the weight by 5# a week) Started that today, but haven't drank all the milk yet. Also bought some stuff at GNC yesterday to supplement. We'll see...

I weighed 179# yesterday a.m. when we started the competition.

Todays WOD:


155# deadlift

10:04 the set of 20 knees-to-elbows was a forearm crusher!
MK 35/M/5'10"/180
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