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Rick Williams
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I'm new to Crossfit and am working out at home and trying to put together a decent garage gym. I curently have some DBs, a cheap Olympic 300# weight set (more than enough right now), med ball (ordered), jump rope, and a 1 Pood KB.

I am looking at buying a 1)power rack, 2) GHD 3)Concept II as the big expendiatures, but need to spread these out over several months or longer.

I am currently doing pull ups on a huge beam in the back patio (so big I can only pull up commando style) and dips on the bench. A good Pull up bar is one of most immediate needs - I really need to do the GTG thing and they seem to come up on the WOD fairly often anyway.

I read the Garage Gym CF Journal and saw where the Vulcan Squat rack along with the Towers are the recommended buy. However, I can get a Powertec Power Rack that would allow me to do PUs and Dips along with the regular weight lifting moves for much cheaper than the Vulcan + Towers.

Here are my questions:
1) Does my order of equipment purchase intentions make sense.
2) Does anyone have any experience with the Powertec rack? Is it a good quality rack?
3) Can you kip on a rack or will it be unstable? Are regular PU bars better in some way to a chin bar on a full rack? BW 185#s, 5"10".
4) Can you do all the Olypmic lifts inside a rack or would some need to be in the open? Just thinking protection the spotter offers here.
5) Do those with the Vulcan set up think it is worth the money?

Forgive me if some of these questions seem a little elementary, but I am pretty new to most of the lifting. Thanks in advance for any advice - this message board has proven extremely helpful!

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