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Chris Longley
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Following some advice to help with my UC, I've been cutting back on the number of grams of insulin-stimulating carbs (no more than 72g per day). This seems to be working out great and I'm already feeling better and trying a whole load of fruits and veg that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

The thing is that I think in Zone blocks when measuring portions. 72g of effective carbs works out to 8 blocks per day.
Currently i'm eating 16 blocks of protein and 24 blocks of fat per day.

This is what my diet looks like:

Main Meals - 3 per day
4 blocks protein
6 blocks fat
2 blocks carb

Snacks - 2 per day
2 blocks protein
3 blocks fat
1 block carb

How does this look to everyone - i feel pretty good, but I'm wondering if I should 'up' my fat intake further to make up for the lowered carb intake.

Any thoughts?

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