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surgical hip dislocation, anybody experienced this?

Hi all,
A week ago I woke up in severe pain in the left hip joint. I was barely able to ambulate at all and for a couple of days the pain was quite bad. It took regular doses of Percocet to keep it in check. Apparently a bone chip (which I have several) or a piece of torn labrum was lodged beween the head of the femur and the hip. A couple of nights ago the foreign body worked it's way free and the pain has greatly subsided.

X-rays and an MRI reveal that the heads of both femurs are not shaped properly. Over time and years of rigorous activity this resulted in the damage. The surgeon wants to conduct a surgical dislocation so that he can reshape the head and repair the soft tissue damage. This unfortunately will result in a long recover/rehab period, on the order of 3-6 months.

Does anyone have any experience with this procedure? And beyond push-ups and pull-ups workouts what can I do to maintain my sanity. Just 2 years ago I had major surgery on my left shoulder and that took almost 10 months to totally recover from. I actually am (was) stronger than ever.

Somewhat depressed in Maine....
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