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Re: Write this name on your hand

Thanks Robert,

I agree Joseph is a cute boy, he lost his hair too during chemo. Now mom won't let me take him for a haircut since his curls grew back.

I did see a notice about the FGB fundraiser for prostate cancer, another good cause. I don't yet know the history of the CF involvement, but will investigate.

I will have to contact the TNT and CF offices to see if there would be interest in a joint fundraising event for leukemia/lymphoma. If not, perhaps a "grassroots" project would be possible. I'll let you know what I find out. I think it's a reasonable question, I imagine as this thread continues, you will see there a lot of people in the CF community whose lives have been affected by blood cancers.

Along the same lines, this thread is of interest:

Other CFers are interested.

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