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Re: Write this name on your hand

I'm a bit behind, so will have a name on all 5 fingers for today's weighted pullups.

Vicki, Bev, John, Kristina and now Shannon

My mom sends me names from time to time. Shannon is a distant cousin of mine.

I'm going to take some photos of my hand and send them to Shannon. I encourage you to do the same, take photos of your own hands and send them on to the people we're doing this for if you wish. Or send them the photo of my hand, when I post it here.

Here's what my mom wrote about Shannon:

"The next time you are doing a work-out, you can write Shannon's name on your hand. This gal needs some support and prayers. She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in the winter. Has had the breast removed and is now into the chemo process. Jeff and Shannon have 2 daughters - the eldest graduated Gr. 8 this year."

And this from Shannon's family:

"Well Shannon's Chemo treatments are now over half done. We went for #7 on June 24th. For the first 6 treatments we were in the Allan Blair Cancer Clinic for 2 hours being administered two drugs. For treatments #7 to 12 we started Paclitaxel, but we went into the Clinic at 8:00 a.m. and never started until 8:45. We left the hospital at 2:00p.m. It looks like this one drug has to be administered over 3 hours, but then there is the initial Benadryl (for allergies) and then a flush afterwards, so probably will be around 5 hours for each treatment.

Shannon has lost her hair and we have a wig - although she prefers to wear the head scarves. She does have her eyebrows still and her finger nails - you can lose your nails.

Around 2-3 days after this last chemo treatment, Shannon had bad leg and hip pain which lasted for more than two days. We called in and they said to take Tylenol, but that did not help. We called back and they said to take Motrin which seemed to help alleviate the pain. Then finally the pain went away, but Shannon's energy level was down quite a bit. Then starting Tuesday this week she wasn't breathing properly until today she couldn't take it anymore and we went to emergency. They took Shannon's blood pressure and it was very low 92 over 52. They got us in a room at emergency right away and then took x-rays. Shannon has pneumonia. They think it is in just one lung, but the doctor said she thought she heard something in the second They are keeping her in at the hospital with an IV and giving her blood thinners (for blood clots since she hasn't been very active recently) and anitibiotics. She is at the Pasqua hospital but doesn't want visitors, just your prayers."
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