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Re: No spotter for noob...bad idea?

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
I'm still baffled as to why you "can't do it any other way"--what is it that's keeping you from wrapping your thumbs around the bar? If one of my clients let his knees come in and rolled forward on his toes on every squat rep, I wouldn't accept "I can't do it any other way" as a valid excuse...I would find a way to fix it.
i can do it the other way i just don't like it, it's uncomfortable and i can't get the power and smooth motion that i can with a thumbless grip.

the situation you describe with the squat is blowing the form of the lift and no one would recommend it. but the grip on the bench, like it or not suicide grip is widely used by many professional lifters and an accepted grip.

i know a lot of folks don't like the thumb-less grip, i'm not advocating for anyone else to use it, i just chimed in that i did use it. i probably should've let that sleeping dog lie.
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