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DIY Wrist straps

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels like their wrists will sometimes explode under the loads of a heavy OHS or Split least I hope I'm not One option is tape, which is either too tight or not tight enough. Another is expensive elastic wrist wraps which don't really work unless your hand is red from the lack of circulation. So I made these wraps.

Weightlifting guru Glenn Pendlay recommended to me that I try cutting denim or heavy cloth and making some wraps. Since that involves sewing and sounds like a lot of work I went with this much easier option. Boxing hand wraps are pretty tough so I cut a pair and these simple wraps out of them.

All links are work safe.

- 1 pair boxing hand wraps (cloth only, no elastic)
- 1 pair scissors
- 1 lighter

First cut the wraps in half. You can play with the length if you want more or less wrap. If you cut them right in the middle than you can get away with two pair of wraps.

Then carefully burn the cut end of the wrap. I found this help with fraying, especially after washing.

Since you cut the thumb loop off just pinch the cut end of the wrap between your thumb and index finger for a starting point. Then wrap the wrist. Before finishing the wrap place your starting point on the wrap then finish with the Velcro side to secure all loose pieces.

If you are sewing savvy or have an amazing wife that does like I do then you can take the other half of the wrap and make a second pair. Simple sew a thread onto the cut end and use that instead of the Velcro.

Hope this helps some of you looking for an easy solution to help with the heavy lifting. Now get to it!
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