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Brian Cornwell
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After some serious months of strength training, Powerlifts, cleans, overhead presses, HSPU, ringwork, and a boatload of pullups, I finally had a "fun session" tonight. I tried exercises I never did before. I played with turkish getups, front levers, and overhead squats. I tried overhead squats a few months ago when i first found the crossfit website, going down a few shaky inches then losing the bar forward. But now I have some serious core strength from all this darned lifting you guys have me doing and some more functional flexibility. I pictured Brendan's snatch balance from the other day and the exercises from the most recent Journal, and tried it, first with a dowell, then with a 25 lb bar, then with the big olympic bar. No sweat. Thanks Crossfit, I'm getting all the strength and form components of the exersize pool under control and can't weight to jump into the WOD as rxed everyday
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