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Re: The Shed 'O Pain

Friday 3-12-2010

Yes, welcome to Jeff, who has been known to haunt the Shed 'O Pain occassionally, and was present for two of the truly epic swim workouts last summer. Just wait until he hears what I have planned for the reservoir this year!!!

Shoulder x-ray all good, shoulder exam pretty good, just the chronic tendonitis flaring up. PT and stretching and posture and ice will hopefully cool it off again.

Did some experiments swimming today.

20x50 mixing and matching strokes, averaged 1:05/50

then, turned it up a notch...

10x100 mixing and matching strokes, averaged 1:59/100

then turned it up another notich....

3x200 mixing and matching strokes, averaged 3:55/200 (that's very fast for me).

Then pushed around some heavy weights.

Thinking MURPH tomorrow, stay posted.....
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