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Re: Elite CrossFit athlete development theory

Originally Posted by Brendan McNamar View Post
Yes, there are many examples of this in the younger games competitors.
Are there? If I recall the poster boy for Crossfit at a young age, Connor Martin, has been placing lower and lower in the Games each year. As far as I know all of the promising young athletes come to Crossfit from other backgrounds.

Originally Posted by Bill M. Hesse View Post
I have started thinking of problems and life in regards to where I am weakest and how I can improve those deficiencies. Balance is key to a happy life.
Except this is programming to address weaknesses, and a central tenant of Crossfit is you don't program, you do workouts randomly and theoretically no weaknesses should develop. Furthermore, what you're discovering is not "Crossfit" but "The basis of every athletic and strength-and-conditioning program ever."

Originally Posted by Ryan R Johnson View Post
Im sure there is a great deal of strength training, multiple Wods a day, and skill work involved.
And smart programming that doesn't involve randomization but rather carefully addressing skills and weaknesses over strengths.
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