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Re: Paleo and Crossfit Questions

Originally Posted by Brian Baggetta View Post
Strict paleo doesn't allow dairy or grains, so no potatoes and no oatmeal.

Eggs are allowed, although strict paleo types recommend limiting them. (An egg is not a dairy product, regardless of what the refrigerator case at your local grocer says.)

What's your reason for wanting to go paleo, and how committed to it are you/how important is it for you to be strict?
I can be strict if I am prepared - such as making my meals many days in advance. For now, I have made a nice beef sirloin vegetable stir fry with no additives other than olive-oil and some spices. This should get me through the week until I can gain more knowledge.

I am glad to learn that eggs are acceptable - they are a great source of protein and are quick, easy, and transportable (when boiled).

Thanks for the responses.
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