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Re: Paleo and Crossfit Questions

Realize that if you cut out a food for 2-3 weeks you are going to down-regulate the enzymes you usually use to digest said food and when you re-introduce it, it may make you feel sick, even though you may not be sensitive to it.

A better way to judge whether or not you are sensitive to a food is if you feel better when you aren't eating it. For example, do you usually have sinus congestion and when you cut out grains does it go away? Then maybe you have a problem with grains.

But, if you cut out grains and sugar for thirty days, don't be surprised if you have a tummy ache when you re-introduce them because you have probably cut down on your production of amylase, an enzyme necessary for breakdown of starches to sugar.

Strict paleo is not really necessary for most people.
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