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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Kempie asked Bingo and I to help out here for the next couple of days. He has done a great job answering questions, hope we don't embarrass or make more work for him.

Couple things to keep in mind. Regarding the program and how it was structured. This was specifically developed to focus on weaknesses in our box. Many of us had very strong press numbers. Using Rips Basic Strength Standards, many of us were already pressing weights that put us in the advanced column or between the advanced and elite. On the other hand our deadlifts and squats numbers tended to be somewhere between novice and intermediate. We wanted to bring that up, so there was a heavy emphasis on those lifts. Most of us now have squats that match our presses, somewhere in the advanced column moving towards elite.

1. Yes. It was intentional. We really didn't care about logging a one rep max on the Front squat and were more concerned about being rested and ready to start another round.
2. The high rep back squats and deadlifts tended to make us sore, very sore. Sometimes it lasted a couple of days. It didn't inhibit the 3 and 5 rep maxes as long as we warmed up enough. It did affect the 1 rep maxes so we took them out before week 6.
3. Choose between a 3 rep scheme or 5 rep scheme.
4. Yes
5. No it was intentional given our goals.
6. For the people I was supervising we ended the fifth week with sets of three. Week six was the only time we tested 1 rep maxes and we felt if someone had emphasized sets of five throughout the previous five weeks it would behoove them to finish up with sets of 3 as a prep for the one rep max. On the other side, in week one we were fairly well rested having dropped the high rep sets in week five and it was a good time to push up the x 3 numbers.
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