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Re: The Open honor system is broken, Masters need regionals

In order to make it to the Masters Q you will need video of all your Open events because CF will ask for one (or in some instances) more than one of them. All of the Masters Q events also require a video if you think you are going to the Games. HQ will also ask for those.

I get that there are "different and better" scoring systems out there, but complaining about a system that has been in place for several years and that was known prior to the event ? I don't mind that there are not Masters Regionals, it would be extra added expense for a lot of people that have jobs etc. Plus the gap from the Open athletes to Masters is huge.

Bottom line is that people cheat, they will try and find ways to cheat live and in person. The fact that CF gives Masters the opportunity to compete out there in the big show at the Games year after year is pretty cool too.
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