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Re: Training styles

100 pull ups/100 wall balls got me up to 191. 8:10 ish for time.

That is the highest rating so far for me. 47 years old. 185 another met con had me go up to.

But last night in a 21-15-9 Calorie Row and 95# thruster workout I got up to 166 and it felt like 185 or more. So some workouts put the pulse super high and some others not so high but feel like they are. Time was 4:24..

Wonder what the guys pulse rates were who did low 5:00 min for the 15.5?

Taked to my friend Karl D 48 years old and he gets his up to 166 but can't keep it going that long.

164-166 is a good working heart rate for me. I am a hummingbird for sure.

220 minus 47 says max heart rate 173.

I have a good Polar with the chest strap brand new.

Will check other sports for high heart rate.

I like checking the rate between rounds.. gives me something else to do besides suffer.
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