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Re: Training styles

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
No idea, I got it for my birthday ages ago, a very old device and a simple one. No Bluetooth or smart phone connection, just straight on chest strap and a wrist watch.

I am very interested to see the heart rate zones people are in during WODs, so cant wait your results.
Nothing is better than an old school HR monitor. I hate all the fancy stuff too. Mine is quite simple too, it does the job so why change. I can still connect it to the internet afterwards and download the information.

I normally will do anything between 80-90%. Now I am 46 but my resting HR when I wake up is around 48bpm and I should have a max hr of 176 or something but I can hit this and keep going for ages. I max out at about 190bpm and can keep that up for about 1 1/2 minutes and then it gets tough.
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