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Re: Crossfit ting from home

In those lifts I have recently hit a 300# bs, 330# deadlift and 230# fs, strict press is 135#. Hoping to get a snatch n clean 1 rm this by this weekend to see where they are too.
Still at bodyweight of 165-168. It fluctuates during the day.

As far as equipment limitations I don't have a sled or heavy med ball. I'm about to make a place for muscle ups/rope climbs and hopefully buy a rope.

I have rower, squat rack w pull-up bar, barbell, bumpers, Ghd, wall ball, box jumps, rope. Bike

I don't have any big mobility issues I need to get better about it though n work on little more ankle mobility for bottom position.

I might be open to someone making my wods. Depends on price mainly. I'm not looking to compete in the games/ regionals necessarily but am super motivated to be the fittest I can this is strongest and best conditioning I've ever had

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