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Re: Question on Overhead Squat

I continue to have this problem with the OH squat. The tendancy to pull your arms foward with the weight as you go down is primarily a shoulder flexibility problem. Focus on doing alot of stretching outside of the gym. One really good stretch is grabbing a broomstick or whatever and letting it hang in front of your body, then rotating your arms around and ending up with the broomstick hanging behind your back. You will have to start with a wide grip though

Also what has helped me a lot was going with just the bar, getting it overhead and doing a slow progression of partial squats to full squats. So i would get the bar overhead and in good shrugged form then squat as far as i could comfortably without the weight coming foward, then with every rep up to like 10 or so i would try to go a bit lower and lower. This really helpd me out. Good luck and welcome to the CF message boards

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