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Re: Question on Overhead Squat

Originally Posted by Michael Bell View Post
hey everyone, I've been working out for years but Crossfitting is new to me. I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now, scaling the workouts (especially cleans, push jerks, and the like because I've never done them before) and now just starting to add more weight.

my question is on the overhead squat. every time I squat my arms come forward and my shoulders can't hold the weight so I drop it. Am I just not flexible enough yet, or am I using the wrong technique?

any help on this would be appreciated, thanks

You will hear coaches say "get your elbows to your ears" when OHSing - i.e. shrug your shoulders; also, widen your grip.

Start with PVC, gradually move the weight up to the 10-20lb exercise bars.

When you master this lift, the feeling of satisfaction is enormous.
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