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Re: Critique: hang power clean & jerk, clean pulls, back squat

on your clean and clean pull, the bar is pretty far away from you as you start your second pull. Jumping forward isn't the problem, it's the body's reaction to the fact that the bar is far away from you and you have to jump forward to catch it. Keep the bar closer to you and jump and shrug. On your clean pull you have zero shrug. Look at your cleans and clean pulls, when your elbows bend, they're pointing BEHIND you. They should point high and outside. Jump and extend UP and don't try to pull with your arms.

Jerk looked fairly solid. Just get your head through faster. In all honesty though, I think you could benefit from a wider grip at the start of your clean and translates to a better jerk rack position too.

Squat, I think the depth was fine. The angle might make it look like it's higher than it is, but I can't be totally sure. Otherwise, Shane nailed the critique.
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