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Re: Critique: hang power clean & jerk, clean pulls, back squat

Hang power clean

- Whip elbows faster
- You're jumping forward. Watch your feet.
- Feet are quite narrow for a catching position. They're fine on the pull but they should widen a bit when you catch it. It will allow you to catch it slightly deeper and quicker too.

- Your elbows don't need to be as high when you start the jerk. 45 degree angle to the ground is good.
- You're catching the weight a little bit behind you
- I'm not an expert but overall it looks pretty solid.

Clean pulls
- Get your butt lower
- You're not coming on your toes at the top! The whole point of the clean pull is to get the full extension at the top.
- You might do well with a wider grip, I can't tell.

Back squat
- Go deeper
- You're good morning-it up. Notice how the angle of your back coming decreases as you get higher -- not good. The back should be rising at the same rate as the legs.
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