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Proper Steps to take?

Good morn all from steamy/dreadfully hot St. Louis Missouri! I have a inquiry about how I should go about becoming Crossfit/Crossfit Kids/Crossfit Football certified. Ive read the main site and the descriptions. "So why is he asking us?" I really don't plan on opening my own gym for profit. I'm entering my 15th year of Elementary PE teaching. I'm tired of the same ole, same ole. Even though the kids love playing the traditional things I think I should be putting more on the table. I work in a low income area of St Louis. We have a gang/drug issue. Kids walk to school eating a family size bag of Flaming Hot Cheetohs. They serve Pop Tarts for breakfast blah blah. Typical issues of any urban school district in the Bible Belt.

I have kids ages 5-12 twice per week for 50mins. I've dabbled in CF since 2003. By dabble I mean I've trained at the OG Crossfit HQ with Coach, Jason Highbarger etc. I've trained off and on here in St Louis at our local affiliate. I only stopped because of the price tag ($185 per month). But this summer I've really taken an interest in doing more in my district. Also, with all the cuts I need tobe more marketable for my district or other districts in case I'm cut.

Sooooooo, what's a time frame I should look at in order to renew my body to CF before getting Level 1 cert? Like train for x amount of months before attending a seminar? Sorry this is a long post but I'm sitting in a faculty meeting
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