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Susan Smallwood
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40 and fit finally!!

Yes I am 40 now and have been crossfitting for almost 9 months. I was very hesitant to join our gym and quite frankly my trainer intimidated the hell out of me. " Start slow and we will see how it goes". Thanks to my most amazing trainer CHRIS, I am 50 lbs lighter and in the best shape of my life Yes we have our disagreements and yes I have walked away several times, but Chris does not let me quit no matter what and knows when to push me just that little bit harder. I am ever so grateful to CHRIS and grateful to be part of the crossfit commumity,and look forward to every day to see what WOD is posted. Yes you can say I am addicted and thats the way I want to stay. Thank you to crossfit for helping me find the niche I fit into. Of course a special thank you to Chris, the reason I feel as great as I do and cannot wait to see what the new year brings.
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