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Re: Beginner007

Fourth workout,


Brenton- RIP
(Couldn't edit the rest of the posts, so I will write it here: my second workout was Forrest-RIP, and the third was Bulger-RIP)

puppies (-)

3 rounds of:
50 feet bear crawl (about 50 feet I guess)
5-10 broad jumps

did around 9-12 burpees total.

Honestly, I don't know if it may be because of my nutrition today, which wasn't very good, I didn't eat much, or was it because of the lack of warm up, I did warm up, but I trained at home, so I did a very simple one, a few jumps on the spot, throwing a few punches and all that.
And I sweated like half a gallon-to a gallon of water, honestly I don't think I have ever sweated like this, I almost passed -out in the shower lol.

Hope to get better.

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