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Re: Beginner007

Third workout,


Puppies (-) lol,

4 rounds of:

150 meter run, and about 50-100 of walking each round, since I did it on a treadmill.
7 assisted pull ups, same way as my previous workout.
7 front squats with an empty Oly bar, worked on my power clean rack position while doing them (naturally), feels like a b1tch, it hurts my neck and when squatting down the bar almost falls. but feels better than last time.
7 pushups (I did 1 round with legs on bench coach, and the rest of the rounds were regular pushups)

those 4 rounds took me roughly 20 minutes, about so.

That's pretty much it, I was exhausted as usual, but it did feel better this time.

Hope next training session I could put up to the puppy standard, did 1 round less this time, and the rest I've mentioned.

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