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Darren Rushworth
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Re: Zoot CompressRx Clothing

Originally Posted by Anthony Rudder View Post
Hey Darren ,

I know you have ordered yours already but did you try here? WFS
Damn. I've never seen this site before. Even when I was Google searching for stockists and reviews on Zoot. The price is about the same as what I paid for a pair from the US so it's good to know this place is stocking them. They'd be a quicker delivery. Thanks for the heads up Anthony.

Originally Posted by Jesse Gray View Post
I find all the Zoot compress RX fabric to be pretty temperature neutral. As for mobility, the only time I have issues is if it slides out of position. With the leggings I have to pull them up a bit every once in a while.
Good to know. If the tights work out for me I might look at getting more gear.
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