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Re: Exercise Physiology (I think)/Postpartum Question

Ger, thanks! I had no idea there was a blog completely devoted to pregnancy and postpartum foot pain! God, I love the internet.

I had no idea that my feet could be so affected. Yes, that was a lot of time on my feet. I didn't start working out harder until after my 6-week checkup, but I did do too much too soon - it's so true about the body not being ready to support a certain level of performance. My stamina is all there, core strength is about 80% back, but the ligaments and joints can't support the activity yet. It's so frustrating!

I really wish that the medical professionals who deal with women had more knowledge. The help I've gotten here and at Xfit Mom, during and after pregnancy, is way beyond anything the midwife or doc could give me, and that's a shame. I shudder to think that my midwife is telling other ladies to do crunches right now!

Anyway, thank you. Trying to back off!
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