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Exercise Physiology (I think)/Postpartum Question

I searched the board and didn't find anything on this specific question, so I'm posting here. I had a baby almost 4 months ago. The delivery was uneventful (unless you count the doctor who now has my bootprint in his ***). 4 weeks postpartum I started working out again, doing hatha yoga and some light Xfit workouts, mostly bodyweight. Soon after that, I started doing exercises with more impact occasionally, and suddenly was in so much pain, in places I'd never hurt before - every toe hurt, my heels, my ankles, lower back even (I never have back problems). The balls of my feet felt like they could barely support me when dancing. I tried to ignore the pain, like I used to always do, but after a weekend dance workshop intensive that made me feel crippled, I backed off and rested for a couple of weeks. I'd like to go back to stronger workouts, though I don't feel ready for the highest intensity yet. But I don't want to do damage. I need my body to function. What exactly is going on? I feel like I'm ignorant of specific information about the body after birth, and I'm not getting any answers from my midwife or dr. - the midwife told me to do crunches to close my small diastasis, if that tells you anything!

So, what do I need to know? I have no exercise physiology training at all.

Thanks in advance from a pretty new Crossfitter.
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