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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

Originally Posted by Deb Borbone View Post
2_11_09 Thursday REST DAY
39 Burpees/DU (day 39 of challenge)
A few hours snowshoveling - Surprisingly, my legs were ok even after the full squat cleans yesterday! Upper back got sore tho...

2_12_09 Friday REST DAY
Tired & sore, so decided to take a rest day
40 Burpees (2:20)/40 Double Unders (forget the breakdown)

2_13_09 Saturday
41 burpees (2:27 - darn, Im getting SLOWER!)

41 Double Unders (broken, 26 largest continuous block), situps, pushups, squats
AMRAP 20 Min.
5 Thrusters 95/65#
7 Hang Clean 95/65#
10 SDHP 95/65#
12 Rounds 65#
12 rounds!! Did I really do 12 rounds? I marked them all off so I guess I must've!! In August I got 9R+5+7+5....
did this one at home; new respect for my coach who sometimes trains outside in winter... ice cold bar - had to stop every round for the first 4 rounds, to get feeling back in my hands. I must need to do some running... breathing so deep I was wheezing, Im still kinda coughing, hahaha!

May do 4x6 power cleans later, since tomorrow's a rest day.
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