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Re: When to aim for PR on clean and jerks?

Originally Posted by Antun Karlovac View Post
Hi all,

For the strength lifts, I've learned to aim for a PR on the second set.

e.g. if it's 5 * 3 deadlifts, I'll usually do the first set a little below my PR, then go for the PR on the second set.

Several people (and experience) has told me that it's a bad idea to leave the target PR attempt until later in the sets, because I'll burn out.

From the comments on the main page (wfs), nobody seems to apply this strategy for the clean and jerks.

Is the recommended approach to do "sets up" for olympic lifts?


Antun, your approach is sound.

You will not get burned out from doing a PR-attempt on the second set if you are doing fairly row reps, like 1-3. Even the third or fourth set may be manageable.

Go with your feeling. If you feel strong on the second, then by all means go for it, you will not be burned out!
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