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Phil Moncel
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Hi there,
I know many CFitters are members of the military or competitors used to train for a specific goal so I am taking the liberty of picking your brains in hope you can give me some insights.

I am preparing for a certification over in Europe and to get a perfect score I have to complete:
- 60 consecutive dips (to 90)
- 40 consecutive pullups (chin to bar)
- 10 squats at bodyWeight*1.9
- 20 bench presses at bodyWeight*1.3

I weight 165lbs (75kg) so the squat would be around 313lbs (142.5kg) and the bench presses around 215lbs (97.5kg). Trouble is my max bench press is around 200lbs right now and my squat around 260lbs. Until recently for lack of equipment (I was CFing at home) I did not squat or BP so hopefully there is room for progress.

For the 60 dips and 40 pullups, I was thinking about following the recon pull-up plan (reps*1.5 for dips).

1) can I follow the high rep routine and the DP/squat routine at the same time
2) concerning the DP/Squat should I build my strength first and then add reps or kind of do both at the same time with a mix of reps?

I've got 10 months (March 2006)

Thanks much, any comments would be greatly apprecitated.

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