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Re: Gymnastic Cert Recap (Sept 20-21 CrossFit Revolution)

Thanks you for hosting, Eric! Great facility, plenty of chow to snack on and a cold beer at the end of the day! Classy...

CROSSFIT= Weightlifting, Metabolic Conditioning and GYMNASTICS! The CrossFit Gymnastics Cert, Led by Tucker and Mac will OPEN YOUR EYES! If you think you have good core strength, stability and body control, Try some of Tuckers drills and skills! Humbling, yes but the value in learning and practicing basic gymnastics skills, has obvious carry over. This cert teaches drills, progressions and beginner subs for many basic movements (read HARD), including correct, hands on spotting, which is a MUST learn skill! Want REALLY efficient kipping pullups?, how about NON-kipping muscle-ups? A solid Handstand and HSPU's, maybe on paralletes? Ever try a "skin the cat" to a back lever? We had a great time, learned A LOT and will be incorporating LOADS of stuff into our warmups and workouts with confidence because of this weekends instruction. Put this Cert at the top of your list ( rumor has it that Gillian Mounsey may soon be assisting Tucker and Mac! ) Thanks again Tucker!
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